Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is the mother of all branches. The contribution of this branch is enormous in the growth of technology over the centuries. The scope of the course varies from material research to machinery development, Nano Technology, Smart materials, Aerospace Technology, Missiles technology, CAD/CAM, FMS, CIM, Automation and such other interrelated developments. The job opportunities are in aero space, Automotive and Manufacturing sectors apart from research establishments. Many firms developing software packages for mechanical components and products are also recruiting the mechanical engineers. The skills needed for this course are strong computational mathematics, creativity and analytical abilities. The areas of study includes Manufacturing processes, Mechanical vibrations, Mechatronics, Heat and Mass Transfer, Tool Engineering and Design, Design of machine elements, Computer Integrated Manufacturing and Robotics.

TheMechanical Engg. Department has fully equipped thermal Engg., Refrigeration & air conditioning, Material & Metallurgy, Metrology, Material testing Labs. The department has a good Workshop section including machinery, tools like Lathe, Milling machines, Welding shop, Carpentry shop, CNC Lab having vertical milling, CNC Lathe, EDM and Co-ordinate measuring machine.
Special attention is being diverted to computer oriented manufacturing and the department has got enough facilities & software to train students on CAD & CAM. The department extends facilities for imparting training to Community Development Scheme (CDC) students in Workshop.
The department has recently begged on AICTE project under MODROBS scheme and has been offered 12 lacks rupees for setting up Lab. for process control